Bathroom Trends 2019

The bathroom is equally as important as any other room in Interior Design. There are many types of bathrooms ranging from vintage to modern, and warm colors to colder colors. There have been many trends already starting this year, including LED mirrors and cold colors.

LED mirrors are extremely beneficial and trendy. We have whole article about how beneficial they are. They have amazing advantages like saving electricity and being great for the environment, and also creating great lighting for all types of grooming. They are mostly popular because of the awareness of the environment as they do not only save costs, but also help save electricity

Cold Bathroom colors are also extremely trendy so far, all types of shades of blue. Ranging from light blue to dark blue. Another trend so far has been greys, they compliment well with white and blue hues. The cold bathroom colors can be beneficial for warmer countries in the summer as it gives it a colder feel and it is easier to cool down.

In terms of styles this year bamboo accessories for the bathroom have been popping a lot. Being aware of the environment is important in this day and age. Bamboo razors, and toothbrushes have been popular and are a lot more eco friendly in general.

All in all, the awareness of the environment is what has been trendy so far and will be even more in the future of interior design. In terms of colors, the cold tones have been trending in 2019 so far. LED mirrors are also an important asset nowadays.

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