Carpet Trends for 2019

Using a carpet at home has been out of trend for the last couple of years to be honest. Now in 2019 the tables have turned, and you see the trend of nice comfortable and cozy carpets coming back. There are many ways to implement a carpet with all the different styles, and parts of an environment to place one.


The entryways have been a very popular place to place a carpet so far. You would imagine that it is not a great place, as all the dirt is there, but you would be surprised many people choose to use light colors like grey and beige. This is because people like to make the entryway look as luxurious as the living room or bedroom.

Large Sizes

Large carpets and rugs made especially for a whole unique room can be extremely great looking. It is an amazing and investment for the future that is worth it. Getting a custom carpet can be extremely satisfying and shows a certain level of interior design standard. They are more popular than ready carpets at the moment, as there is rarely any carpets which fit perfectly into a room, especially not with furniture which comes in all different shapes and sizes.

Multicolored Designs

Designs with several colors are really growing more and more, colors such as burgundy, blue, yellow, and green will continue to be in style for the years to come. It is popular right to to have up to 15 different shades on one carpet, it is a real statement piece and can be implemented in many places, such as a bedroom, a living room, or even the entrance of a house.

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