Charity Shop Shopping

We probably walk past them on a regular basis without a second thought or only think about going in when we are having a spring clean or depositing those unwanted stocking fillers.

So, when the boss said we could choose some charities close to our hearts to donate to we jumped at the chance to give a little something back.

It was a pure pleasure to help the Blue Cross for Pets, Cancer Research UK & The Rainbow Trust

Casa Chic are a very dog friendly office, so the Blue Cross was a natural choice, Harvey & Roxie gave us the big paws up for that. 

As pet owners we know that it can be very expensive when your dog, cat or lizard falls ill. The Blue Cross provide vital veterinary care services for those of us who are on benefits, a vital and amazing service!

Other services include; rehoming and educational programmes to help new owners, this fantastic charity deserves anything you can do to support them. 

The Blue Cross will be opening new stores in the North of England. As a nation of animal lovers, we are confident you will show your support by giving generously to help these and other stores around the country continue the great work.

Blue Cross Pet Charity

Thank you so much to Casa Chic for kindly donating some of your fabulous frames and mirrors to the Blue Cross Pet Charity. We really are grateful. The money raised will be able to help lots more pets in need. Thank you once again.

Ann Penfold, Retail Admin Manager

Cancer effects so many people and their families and friends so is was a pleasure to help Cancer Research UK, in any small way we could. The funds they raise is almost all from public donations. There are so many ways in which you can get involved in fund raising, it makes a BIG difference and it saves lives!

We think the following sums it all up nicely.

“Cancer Research UK is fighting for a world where no one’s life is cut short by cancer. There is real hope too; each year our scientists get closer to finding a cure and in the last 40 years we’ve helped double survival rates.”

Trudy Stammer, Head of Volunteer Fundraising

Cancer Research UK – Cromer

‘’Your wonderful products arrived in August during our peak season. We are a small coastal tourist town often described as The Gem on The Norfolk Coast. 
We were so impressed by the high quality of the products we dedicated an area of the shop and window display to the products.’’

Sarah Stanforth, Shop Manager

We are a family orientated team and The Rainbow Trust do amazing work. They support the family, they help at home, help with those hospital appointments and sadly, bereavement. This wide range of work that they do to help not just the child with a life threatening or terminal illness, but the family as well is priceless

This kind of support cannot be underestimated for the value that it brings to the family. We truly hope that you do not need their services but do give for those who do.

The Rainbow Trust

‘’ Thank you for the very kind donation of Casa Chic photo frames donated to Rainbow Trust Upminster charity shop’’

Julieann Bates, Shop Manager and Essex regional fundraiser

We hope our choices will inspire you to give and to shop in these and other great charitable shops. You could find that sparkly top you have been looking for, a pair of great candle sticks perfect for the dining table or even a nice photo frame. But most of all you will allow them to continue the amazing work that they do.

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