Color Trends 2018

There have been several trends in interior design this year. Although the year has just started several trends in color, pattern, interior styles, texture and wallpapers have already developed. We will break down each of these trends so you can style your house or personal space better!


One of the most famous trends at the moment is using greenish tones in a personal space or apartment. By this it’s not just houseplants or so it’s also the small details which count, whether its small green flowers on ceramics or on fabric. The whole environment has to reconnect with nature, and this trend of green colors is really a trend which has been going on for some time now, but this year will finally be the year that it reaches its highest potential. The trend of eating natural and living natural added to this trend of including more greens, nature and plants in your environment.

A second color, which is coming back into trend is black. Black is not really a color but a shade, but is amazing for any environment. As black matches with everything it came back into the trends. Especially, matte black or rustic black adds a lot of glamour into a personal space. It especially matches with a lot of technology, phones, tvs and other electronic devices. It also matches well with colors such as green, white and creme. Black is definitely a shade that has to be in an environment.

Another color which recently really went into the trends is creme. Creme brown almost beige, is a color which really makes anything look very natural. It got into the trends of interior design together with greenish colors. This color is really amazing in both cold and warm environments, as it is like a very light brown which complements well with almost any other color. Many world famous interior designers like Shelley Heaven, have used and work with this color.

Another shade which is often used by interior designers nowadays is white. This shade is extremely important in interior design, and to be fair it has always been in the trends. It almost matches with any color and is great for making an environment look either Warmer or colder depending on the colors you use with it. The color on its own is great for using in rooms like kitchens or bathrooms.


To sum it all up, the main colors used in 2018 so far have been natural colors and tones. Going from greenish colors, to brownish colors which are natural too. And then black and white shades, to complement the whole color schemes. These two shades have been on the trends always and will always continue to be.