Creating the perfect gallery wall

Perfect Gallery Wall by Casa Chic

When it comes to finding a new and unique way to display artwork or portraits a gallery wall is a great solution. Creating a gallery wall makes a personal statement and is one way to showcase your creative side. It can also bring a room to life. Below are a few tips for creating the perfect gallery wall.

Casa Chic Gallery WallLayout

Getting the layout correct is very important. There needs to be consistent spacing between each piece of artwork or portrait. A sure fire way to get this right is with a gallery wall template. This easy to use template can be attached to the wall so you’re able to freely mark out where the picture hooks will go. It also means you’ll get a balanced and artistic looking finish.


Deciding where in the home to place your gallery wall is another tough decision. If you’re going to be hanging it over a chair or any other piece of furniture you need to make sure the artwork doesn’t become obscured. As a rule it’s a good idea to leave at least six to eight inches from the base of the frame to the top of the furniture.

Colour choice

If you want your gallery to stand out think about the colour choice of your chosen artwork or portraits. Colours which not only complement each other but complement the interior are best suited. If you’re moving into a new home for example, you may want to design your decor around the colour of your gallery wall, or vice versa.

Create a story

To really put a personal touch on your gallery why not create a story. Showcasing family prints from birth to present day is a beautiful way to describe a narrative which guests will love, and you can connect with whenever you’re in the room. Whatever subject you decide upon, creating a story is the ideal way to display life’s experiences.

gallery wall templateFrame it

It won’t be just the artwork or images that will take centre stage. The picture frames will highlight your gallery as well. If you want everything to look uniform and consistent then select the same frame for everything. If you have a bold and outgoing personality, choose a variety of different vintage or retro frames. These will certainly create an impactful element in the home.

There is no set rule to follow when it comes to creating a gallery wall, you just need to free your creative mind. But to make the task a whole lot easier invest in a wall gallery template from Casa Chic. The template will make sure you hang your artwork or portraits in the right place and at the right angle.

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