Crown your home with these amazing mirror tricks

If you are exhausted of looking for new art pieces to spruce-up your space, try using mirrors instead. They work wonders in adding more light, interest, and depth to the room!

Mirrors are no longer limited to being used in front of dressers and bathrooms. Try out some of these 6 amazingly simple ways to add a dash of shimmer to your beautiful space.

1. Place a mirror in a space that is not brightly lit, to give it extra brightness.

2. Add a mirror to highlight the centerpieces in your rooms.

3. Do you have colorful art pieces at home? Put up a mirror to reflect the colors and give the room a color theme.

4. Bring large, wide walls alive by hanging up one or a series of mirrors on display. Use a combination of different shapes and sizes to make it more interesting.

5. Give smaller rooms a sense of wider space by placing large mirrors on one of the walls.

6. If your wall features a series of framed art, pop a mirror with a similar frame in the middle of the series to add intrigue.

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