Decorative Mirrors: Essential Interior Design Elements

When thinking of interior design, some of the chicest elements are without doubt the decorative mirrors. These are definitely essential design elements as they can double the inner beauty of an interior, having not only a practical purpose but also an aesthetic one which establishes a special atmosphere.

To decorate the house with mirrors we don’t really need the help of a professional interior designer, but it’s important to understand how to use them once chosen the favourite piece and also how to integrate the favourite mirror in the décor we want to create. As mirrors come in many shapes, styles and sizes, they truly are versatile decorative elements, and the best part is that most mirrors integrate perfectly in any decorative style, whether we speak of modern, classic or minimalist design.

On the market can be found many different models, with different qualities of glass, clear or tinted, as well as with various frame models varying from minimalist to Venetian style.

So, what would be the right mirror for a chic interior design? Depending on the room’s style and on the symmetry we want to create, we can choose to create a mirror mosaic, or simply choose a large or small mirror, round or rectangular. The limit is only our creativity and the final purpose you want to reach.

black shabby chic mirror - 90x60 - inner reflection by casa chicAssuming that our mirror choice can be the simplest way to re-décor an interior and also the simple way to create a comfortable atmosphere, we can play pretty much with these decorative pieces.
Besides the finishing touch mirrors can give to an interior, they also add elegance and give the environment the illusion of space, reflecting the light. This quality results in creating the impression of a larger space, and for this purpose they are really useful in decorating smaller rooms.

Used wisely, mirrors can become magical elements in the interior design of a home. With the help of a mirror is easy to create, for example, a romantic atmosphere, positioning a few scented candles in front of it. The mirror can also add value to otherwise dull furniture pieces and can also highlight the beauty of a plant or other decorative elements. That’s because a mirror will always create a feeling of open space and of light, especially a large mirror.

For example, a large mosaic mirror will always give that extra touch of class to a modern interior design; a shabby chic design can definitely benefit from the use of a white-framed mirror that can be placed behind a pot of lavender while for a more classic décor a silver-framed mirror will successfully complete the interior design.

Inner Reflection by Casa Chic - 90x60 - Shabby Chic GoldBesides the decorative purpose, there is also a more practical reason to use decorative mirrors in the interior design. A mirror placed between two small windows will create the illusion of larger windows; if placed in front of the window will give the impression of a larger room, and these are just a few of the benefits of using decorative mirrors as pieces in our interior design.

If now you too are convinced that mirrors are essential interior design elements, check out our splendid mirror collection, Inner Reflection by Casa Chic. We’re sure you will find the right mirror for any interior design style and that our mirror will add beauty and class to your home.

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