Designing a Room for Young Girls

Designing the interior of a room for a child really depends if it should be boys themed, neutral or girl themed. Obviously the age is also an important factor, as it changes the general interests of children over time. Simple, clean and modern are most common for children. Important to look for are colors, accessories and lighting.

Colors, Accessories and Lighting for a Girl’s Room

The colors in a girls room do not have to be the stereotypical red, pink, or violet. It can be any color ranging all the way from dark shades to light shades. Advice for color is to have a light shade like white, baby blue, or pastel pink which is predominant to all the other colors that are in the room. These colors usually give a warmer vibe to the room which is perfect for children.

Lighting is also a key factor in the room of a child. As girls usually spend a lot of time reading, listening to music and being creative, it is important that there is a lot of light available. Artificial light is also very important, as it defines how bright a room is when there is no more natural light. A nice desk lamp, and some LED strips are a great way of adding artificial light. If the color of the light is warm it fits perfectly into a girl’s room.

Accessories are very important in a girls room. There are several things that can be used to fill up empty spaces, such as posters, pictures and even mirrors. Posters are great for younger children as they can really see their favourite cartoon characters or favorite musicians. Pictures are a great accessory for just keeping memories on a wall, it makes a room look more cozy and more comfortable. Mirrors are also a great accessory as they reflect light, and its perfect for checking yourself out.

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