Geometric and Tribal Patterns

Geometric and Tribal patterns have lately been lifting off again creating a certain hype in interior design. There is so many different ways to implement them and create contrast with simple play things just to give it that little extra touch which would surely stand out.

Modern tribal and geometric have recently been in very monotone and subtle colors. Beige, and browns mixed with whites and blacks have been extremely popular. Very popular this year so far has been tribal patterns on carpets and on bedsheets. Linen bed sheets can easily be differentiating and if you really like the look of it it can also be partnered up with some curtains.

More experimental is patterns on couches, and pillows. This can create an extremely well abstract feel to the room. The patterns never have to be the same feel free to change them up and create a difference between the patterns.

This was also extremely popular back in the 80s and is now coming back. Many people have a love-hate relationship with these retro patterns. Great thing is these patterns can be recycled from old furniture and create nostalgic feels of your childhood home, or even create other memories.

Popular patterns include some bold ones which originated in the middle east, and can create an abstract atmosphere. The patterns can also define the moods of each room, for example bright patterns can make happy moods. The greatest way to create a more simple vibe, is either by simple shades such as black and white, or with pastel colors which can be very simple and create a light atmoshpere.

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