Kitchen Design Trends 2019

Kitchen are a vital part of interior design and a living space. It is much more than a place just for cooking. It is a place which needs to be aesthetically pleasing, as many people spend a lot of time in the kitchen. There are several trends this year in terms of kitchen.

Clever, Concealed Storage

Storage is very important in a kitchen, as we already talked about multifunctional furniture were saving space in 2019 is a large trend. The same goes for kitchen, simple space saving and sleek design will get the job done. Maximised and clever storage solutions will be extremely useful as it will give you more space too.

Open Shelving

Open Shelving has been extremely trendy this year so far. It is seen as replacing upper kitchen cabinets, Inspired by hotel and retail spaces, this adds to the overall bold statements many want to make in their homes, forgoing the minimalism that was popular in years past. It is important to stay neat and clean when trying this trend in the kitchen.


We’ll continue to see traditional elements and forms in harmony with modern design in 2019. Think honed, natural stone, organic basalt tiles, hand wrapped rattan furniture and vintage-inspired fixtures and lighting. This trend has started developing last year and will keep on going throughout this year.

In conclusion these three are the main kitchen trends of this year. Clever storing is extremely important as it gives you more kitchen space especially if you are in a small space or location. Open Shelving has been a popular trend, but it is important to keep tidy and clean. The vintage vibe trend is still going on and mixes modern with old elements into a perfect balance.

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