Pattern Trends 2018

There have been several trends in interior design this year. Although the year has just started several trends in color, pattern, interior styles, texture and wallpapers have already developed. We will break down each of these trends so you can style your house or personal space better!


Think of patterns as something small you use to give your environment a little bit more detail. These patterns can be on carpets, floors, ceilings arm chairs or even on pillows. These patterns can vary from Mandalas, flower patterns, and vintage floor tiles.

Just like the color green got into the interior design trends, which resembles nature and natural vibes, patterns with floral design or plants got into trends again too. Especially on cemeric and arm chairs. These patterns allow interior designers to express more feelings and give it a more personal touch, for example using your favorite flowers as patterns or using your favorite color tones really make the environment look more professional.

Another really famous trend regarding patterns lately has been mandalas. These have been in the trends for a few years no and have are at the top again this year. Originally coming from buddhism it has been a well known pattern in many other regions of the world now. It is extremely famous for furniture especially for sofas and cushions. Mandalas are probably the most famous pattern trend of 2018 and really give a room or personal space a professional and personal touch as once again, there is infinite color variations and designs.

Another trend which is getting famous at the moment is vintage 70s floor tiles. Patterns which were famous in the 70s include bold eye catching lines and dots. Often using shades and colors like mint green, black and red. This trend is fairly knew but is often used in houses or rooms trying to get the vintage industrial look.

Another famous trend would be plain patterns. This isn’t really a pattern but counts into this section. Plain furniture, floors and ceilings are still extremely popular. The plain trend has been going on for several years now and is used in most environments as it is clean and simple. It also makes a statement as it’s just very simple it could reflect the person living there or the interior designer. This trend of plain walls etc. will Never go out of style.


All in all, there a bunch of patterns which are really trendy. Going from vintage 70s patterns to mandalas which come from the east and are from the Buddhist religion. Another great trend which comes together with the natural color trends are floral designs. Plain is not really a pattern but it belongs into this category, and is still extremely trendy.

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