Playing Around with Lighting

In interior design lighting is an extremely important factor. It allows the environment or personal space to have a certain vibe or impact. It can make a room look Warmer, colder or even bigger. This post will go through some examples of things to get which can make a room or environment look warmer, or colder.

Making a Room Look Warmer

In order to make a room look warmer it is important to use a warm light which gives it a warmer look. The light should not be excessively bright as this can make the room look less cosy, and make a more colder vibe. A great light would be small table lights or so called hanging fairy lights which could give it a warmer effect too.

With warm light is also possible to make a room look like there is more space. Choosing darker and damper light surely helps this factor. The warm low light gives more the illusion of that objects are further away, this trick is often used in older buildings were rooms are significantly smaller.

Making a Room Look Cooler

Making a room look a bit colder is especially great if you live in warmer countries. Not only cold colors help but also certain ways of lighting. Bright and blueish lights can be one of the main ways to make a room look colder and cooler.

Another cool way of making a room look colder is by adding large windows and mirrors, the reflection of light during the day gives the emphasis of more greyish colored light This greyish light can also be achieved by fluorescent light for when it is dark. This light is also grey and gives more of a cold look.

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