Soothing Green; Color of the Year


Every year there is a certain color which is just in trend. In interior design it is important to stay up to date, therefore we will tell you what the color of the year is and how to implement it in your living space or environment. The color of the year is a nice soothing green, easy on the eye and creates an extremely chill and calm atmosphere.

Why this Color is Amazing!

The color is amazing in many different ways. First of all, the color is extremely relaxing and has a very chill vibe to it. It also fits in every environment and any mood. The green can show the changing society and how greens are more important than ever with this huge wave of eco-friendliness.

How to Implement the Color!

This color can be used in many different ways and environment. To start off, it can be used in a living room as a wallpaper, or even accessories. A set of pillows or frames in a nice green tone can be very calming and have a chilled effect when trying to relax. A wallpaper would be more extreme, but look really amazing.

Another way of using the soothing green color is in the bedroom. Bed Sheets are a key example on where to use them being the perfect adjustment on something simple and not to big in the bedroom. Another way of using it is as furniture, this is more experimentive though! Something like a soothing green bed table, or even a nice calming green closet can be amazing!

A great way to implement the color in an office space can be small accessories like mugs. Mugs are key in every good office, and it can make that small relaxing difference every hard worker needs. Another way is by having a nice carpet, making a work space look more luxurious and calming at the same time!

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