Spring Summer 2019

Choosing a colour to complement not only your preference but the style of your home or office space can be tricky.

We are blessed with a multitude of styles when it comes to houses. Victorian, Tudor, Edwardian and Modernist, the list goes on.

Whatever your style of home you want to create an interior to either complement or contrast the space. For the spring summer 2019 season we have colours such as Pepper Stem, Toffee or Mango Mojito at first mention may have you running for the fridge.

Choosing the right colours and tones for your room and for you is very important. Colours play an important role in our wellbeing.

It was Kandinsky who said, “Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” Take our wonderfully named Mango Mojito, a golden yellow, this would promote warmth and energy. Toffee or brown would represent reliability and strength. It is worth taking the time to consider your room and its purpose.

Rooms in our homes can be from one extreme to the other. The role of each room is important to the feel you want to achieve. Terrarium Moss or green as we like to call it, helps promote health, reduces stress and according to research can improve reading ability. Great for the study you want to create now the kids have left home and that spare room is finally yours.

Displaying our memories, artwork and achievements are fundamental to a home. Choosing how to display them albeit on the wall, floor, shelf or on a piece of furniture is also a consideration. These take pride of place in a room. We position them to be visually accessible or pleasing to the eye.

Accessorising your wall with mirrors to bring additional light into a room or choosing the right frame for the artwork.  With so many considerations it is both exciting and a little overwhelming. The effort will be worth it in the end.

Spring Summer 2019 for colours is going to be another inspiring season. From Fiesta to Sweetcorn you have all the range of colours and emotions to satisfy the Victorian to the Modernist.

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