Statement Ceilings

Statement Ceilings can come in all types of different patterns, designs, colors, styles. In 2019 like in the past, there are very trendy. Statement ceilings have a lot of different ways to be experimented with, and everyone can literally do it their own way however they want. We will talk about what types of ceilings and for what rooms they are best.

Types of Statement Ceilings

There are many types as already mentioned, going from floral patterns to geometric shapes. Color and size is also a huge part of having statement ceiling. So far this year there has been a great demand of simple, clean and minimalistic styles. Such as squares in simple shades such as black and white. Another great way of having something minimalistic is having pastel colors mixed with white. For example, in our recent post we talked about soothing green being the color of the year. It can easily be implemented for a nice statement ceiling.

Another very popular style is floral patterns. These types of ceilings have been in style for ages, and never seem to go out of the trends. Light pinks, blues and all the other romantic colors are very popular for floral ceilings, and they really make a statement.

Where to Implement Statement Ceilings

Statement ceilings can be implemented in any room. Most fashionable are the living room and the kitchen though. The living room which is commonly used as the dining room too, can look extremely sleek with a nice ceiling and can be that little extra to make it look amazing. The kitchen can also have a great statement ceiling as it can make it look much more creative. And give it a more full illusion, more than a kitchen basically!

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