What is Shabby Chic?

Vintage symbolizes the style of a certain era. Think huge designer dressers, bulky wooden sofas and ethnic-printed wallpapers.

Rustic symbolizes a raw, unpolished and earthy look. Think rough-looking wood used in barns, furniture pieces found in farms and ranches, or the interiors of a typical traditional country home.

But what is Shabby Chic?


Shabby Chic symbolizes a chic style with a dash of vintage nostalgia

While vintage retains the old style without much adaptation, Shabby Chic takes the old charm and frames it within the modern style to reflect a classier look.

This could mean adding decor pieces that are worn, weathered or faded to an otherwise polished-looking set of interiors.
With vintage being so rare and hence often pricey, newly designed decor is manually modified to make it look old, thus giving it a shabby chic tag.

Shabby Chic is hot and trending, and while it takes its inspiration from the vintage style, it exudes a love for the presence of the old in the new, and vice versa.